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August 18 (3rd Saturday) 
Falling River Forge

I want to thank the guy's for coming. Berry for donating the springs for the steel and LT's for helping out. I think everyone made at least 2 chisels and a test one with mild steel. They made hot cut, slot punch and worked with a drift. 

LT's used Mark Aspery book Vol 1, demoing his style of  chisels and punches.

One thing to always keep in mind, as Mark stated many times at the ABANA Conf. 

1. Brad Lewis
2. Chuck Knoll
3. Kenneth Pritchett (New Member)
4. LT Skinnell
5. Norman McKenzie (Host)

6. Jay Hatfield

7. Barry Jones

8. Randy Cox

Lt brought a vise clamp to hold the taper chisel or part in the vise. Worked great. Pic below.