March, Sat. 10th, 2018
                                Fred Crist Studio
                                 Waynesboro, Va

We had a cool day at Fred's, but everyone enjoyed it. We had 20 members show up. 

Fred did a joinery piece first made by Samuel Yellin's. After putting the two sets together (Pic below) they made a very nice piece. This was auctioned off, and the top bid was Kent Flowers. 

Next he forged a sculpture out of 1/2 x 3 mild steel. The chisel cuts were done with forge heat and power hammer. After the cuts, the bending was with a rose bud and some very large bending forks (48"). If you like me, you to vision what it will look like when it is finished, but that is only in the eye of the artist. (Pic below) This was auction off and the top bid was Randy Cox. 

I want to thank everyone for showing up to the meeting, especially Mickey & John Elliott, Black Smith Supply, for coming out with a truck load of blacksmith tools. Thank You

Kent Flowers with Fred Crist

Randy Cox had high bid on Fred Crist's piece.

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