All club demo or hands-on meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month.

Old Dominion Black Smith Association

Established November 2005

                                         Public Demonstrations

                      Need a Public Blacksmith Demonstrator?

                                      This page was designed to help you find one!
                          Listed are ODBSA members who are fulfilling  one of our objectives:

                                         "Sharing what we know about this craft"

The following Old Dominion Blacksmith Association members have done and are doing demonstrations for the public (craft shows, tractor events, engine shows, horse shows, historical sites, reenactments, schools, fairs, festivals, etc) in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. The majority of these Blacksmith Demonstrators live in South Central Virginia. Some have portable forges and equipment to bring to your event, others do not.If you contract with a Professional Blacksmith from this list, please note that most require a fee for his/her knowledge and service to do your event. For a professional Blacksmith to bring his equipment to demo at one of your Events, it is suggested to offer them at least $200.00 a day.

Please contact them directly and not thought this Web Site. You may also contact any that do custom orders if you want something hand-forged by an Artist Blacksmith from the Old Dominion Blacksmith Association. 

NEW:  If you do not have the time to contact the following demonstrators yourself, please let me know what you want and I will post the information on this Web Site under Current News to help you find one. 

Note: This is for those looking for a blacksmith to participate in their event. Most of the time these Smiths do not make enough money from sale of their wares to cover their expenses to participate in your event even though most all are offer free vendor participation. It's a lot of work to prepare for these occasions like loading and unloading some heavy equipment. So why do they do it? There are a variety of reasons like: showcase their skills, to help your cause, sell some hand-made items and maybe get some orders, but mainly to teach the public something about this nearly extinct craft.
I have found, if advertised properly, a blacksmith demonstration at any event draws more people and interest than any other craft. 
                                                                                                                          Bobby Floyd


Afton, Va


1. ABANA Utah, 2016

2. ABANA Richmond, Va. 2018

Jay Hatfeild

Gretna, Va.