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Here s a Christmas ornament and a door hook that Nathan Hinkle was working on at the Dec meet.

Dec.2018 Falling River Forge

Making some Christmas Stocking Hooks and a couple of jigs to make it easier. These will fit a square front mantle and the hook was turned 90 degrees to let the stocking hang with the name out..

Kenneth Prichett's forge set-up using one of Danny Ward's forge.

July 2019

I started the first coal fire in the forge today.  I need a better fan speed control and a 'blast gate' to control the airflow.  Working on a couple of RR spike tomahawks for Iron in the Hat. 
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This page is a work in progress. We will add project as we get them from ODBSA meeting. They will also be links to other organzation project pages.

Last December, 2017, Levi Butler ( Norman's Grandson) made these hooks for his teachers Christmas Presents.

Working on this!

How to do some Twists
                Written by Norman Mckenzie
Taken from one of our monthly Events at Dale Morse's Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing in Waynesboro. VA. Click "HERE" to see how to do eight of them.