All club demo or hands-on meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month.

Here s a Christmas ornament and a door hook that Nathan Hinkle was working on at the Dec meet.

Dec.2018 Falling River Forge

Making some Christmas Stocking Hooks and a couple of jigs to make it easier. These will fit a square front mantle and the hook was turned 90 degrees to let the stocking hang with the name out..

Kenneth Prichett's forge set-up using one of Danny Ward's forge.

July 2019

I started the first coal fire in the forge today.  I need a better fan speed control and a 'blast gate' to control the airflow.  Working on a couple of RR spike tomahawks for Iron in the Hat. 

This page is a work in progress. We will add project as we get them from ODBSA meeting. They will also be links to other organzation project pages.

Last December, 2017, Levi Butler ( Norman's Grandson) made these hooks for his teachers Christmas Presents.

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