Old Dominion Black Smith Association

Established November 2005

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            Some of Old Dominion Blacksmith Association
Military Veterans:
        We would like to "salute" not only some of ODBSA members who served our country in the military, but all men and women that served. Veterans Day should be celebrated everyday, not just one day a year!

                                                Thank You! 

Tom Harrell (Navy)
L.T.Skinnell (Army))
Bobby Floyd (Army)
Ron Howard (Army)
David Hinshaw (Navy)
Earl Strain (Navy)
Wendell Wyland (Air Force)
Jimmy Blanks (Army)
Jeremy Funderburk (Navy)
Gerald Boggs (Army Retired)
Sterling (Army) 
John Riddle (Army)
Norman McKenzie (Coast Guard)
Steve Ferguson (Army)
Marshall Ecker (Army)
Eric Pidcock (Army)
Jonathan Falls (Army)
Stephen Martin (Marine Corp)
Bobby Ricketts (Navy)
Mickey Surrett (Navy)
Paul Henderson (Navy)
James (Buck) Owen (Navy Retired)
Jim Mizio (Army)
Tony Gowen (Army Reserves)
David Oates (Army Reserves)
Chris Lynch (Army)
Grant Johnson (Active duty Navy)
Stephen Irby (Navy)
Don Diggs (Army)
David Wine (Air Force)
Jeff Harman (Army)
Jim Sutherland (Army)
Dino Dunning (Army)
Bert Weschke (Army)
James Brady (Army)
Travis McKenzie (Active duty Army)
Daniel Matherly (Army)
Brian Moore (Retired Army National Guard)
Rust Singer (Navy)
Zack Minnix (Marines)

Jay Hatfield (Navy)