All club demo or hands-on meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month.

Old Dominion Black Smith Association

Established November 2005

ODBSA Schedule of Events for 2023:

These are scheduled but subject to change.

Jan. 14th: Carter Hundley Chain Tongs and Hammer Head @ Sunrise Forge

Feb. 11th: David Holder and Kyle Gahagan Damascus Knife @Sunrise Forge
March 11th: CVBG 25th annual Hammer-In @ CVBG
April 08th: Poz Tongs by Ken Pritchett at David T's.

May 13th: Randy Cox (Repousse Hands-On) @ Randy's Shop Bedford, Va.
June 10th: Jerry Darnell @ Otter Hill Forge in Bedford, Va.(Project TBA) & Iron in the Hat
July 08th: Floyd Center for the Arts- Hands-on with Ken P. & Brad L. (7 Link Chain Forging)
Aug 12th: 2024 Planning Meeting in Lynchburg, Va. Location TBA
Sept 09th: Gerald Boggs (Hands-On TBA) @Floyd Center for the Arts
Oct. 14th: Ron Nichols (Traditional Joinery Demo NOT Hands-On) @ Floyd Center for the Arts
NOV. 11th: Iron in the Hat-Carson Sams (TBA) @ Cedar Rock Forge
Dec. 09th: Possible Meeting Hosted by Lori McKenzie @ Norm's Shop in Rustburg, Va.

ODBSA Events Information:

1. All monthly Events will be held on the 2nd Sat. of each month.

2. Addresses & Directions to each of the places are at the bottom of this page or the Current News page. 

3. The cost for "Lunch", if offered, is $10. 

4. Admission fee is $20.00.

5. Start time is at 10:00 am.(always come early) & finish time is usually 3 to 5:00 pm.

1. If you know of someone that you would like to demonstrate, please let me know.
2. If you would like to be the host of one of our Events, please let me know.
3. If you know where we could have an Event, please let me know.

4. If you have something you would like to see demonstrated, let me know, and I will look into it.


Cedar Rock Forge

Rob & Sue Minnix
2501 Theta Mill RD
Gladys, VA 24554

1. On 501 turn onto Long Island Road(761) across the street from the Exxon in Gladys; go 3/4 miles and turn right onto Theta Mill RD; then go about a mile and his farm/home is on the left; bare left in his driveway to get to his shop/studio.
2. On 29 just north of Altavista and across the street from Perky's(699) restaurant take Gladys RD for about 9 miles (it dead ends onto Long Island Rd(761); turn left for about a mile and turn left onto Theta Mill Road (698) about a mile and his farm/home is on the left side; bare left in his driveway to get to his shop/studio.

Fred Crist Studio
Fred Crist
South River Complex
200 Twelfth Street
Waynesboro, VA 22980

Travelling 64 West, exit at Afton (at the top of the mountain) and continue travelling west on 250. Go through the first light at 340 as you come into town. The road Y's at the next light and you want to stay to the left. Cross the bridge and turn left at the next light which is Arch St. Go about 5 blocks and turn left on West Twelfth St. Proceed to the gate. At the gate is a guard and visitors can sign in and get directions to the school's space there. It isn't hard to find. 

SunRise Forge

David Tucciarone  
9332 Ward Road
Rustburg, Virginia 24588


1. Coming from the south (Danville, Chatham, Gretna) on route 29 go about 1/2 mile past where route 24 intersects. Sunrise Forge sits off some on the left side and you will need to go past it and turn around because there is no crossover in front of his place (it is across the street from used tractor place). 
2. From Lynchburg go south on route 29 about six miles and then look on right side for his sign (Sunrise Forge). His sign is RED with his Loge on it. Also, look for his yellow mailbox. If you go to Hwy 24 Light, you went to far.

Otter Hill Forge
Barbara and L.T. Skinnell
2732 Otter Hill Road                                  
Bedford, Virginia 24523 
1-540- 297-5817

From Bedford: Take route 714 which becomes ( Falling Creek Road) 0ut past Bedford County Nursing Home and go 5.5 miles across a cement bridge. At top of hill, turn right on route 715 (Otter Hill Rd) and go 1.8 miles. 2732 on mailbox. House on left. 
From Roanoke: Take third exit off 460 by-pass. Turn right on to 714 and follow directions from Bedford. If using route 24 from Roanoke use directions from Moneta. 
From Lynchburg: Take first exit off 460 (just past McDonalds)Turn left on to 714 and follow directions from Bedford. 
From Moneta: Follow route 122 to intersection with route 24.Turn right on to route 24 and go 5.5 miles to "T" intersection with route 43.Turn left on route 43north and go 1.2 miles just past Pecks Baptist Church. Turn right on to route 715 (Otter Hill Rd) and go 1.6 miles. House on right. 2732 on mailbox. 
From Altavista: (at by-pass route 43 exit) Take route 43 north for 1.8 miles. Turn right on to route 628 and go 8.3 miles to intersection with route 43 at Mentow Baptist Church. Go right on 43 North for 1.5 miles to intersection with route 24. Turn left on route 43 North and go 3.9 miles just past Pecks Baptist Church to route 715 (Otter Hill Rd) and go 1.6 miles.2732 on mailbox. House on right. 
From Yellow Branch (routes 29 & 24 intersection) Take route 24 through Evington and over Big Otter Bridge for 16.5 miles. At intersection route 24 and 43 merge. Keep straight on 24 for 2.7 miles. At this intersection, 24 & 43 separate. Keep straight on 43 north for 1.2 miles just past Pecks Baptist Church. Turn right on 715 (Otter Hill Rd) and go 1.6 miles. 2732 on mailbox. House on right