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   Oct, 23, 2019

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Cedar Rock Forge

Robert Minnix

Gladys, Va.


Cedar Rock Forge
Rob, Sue & Ben Minnix
2501 Theta Mill RD
Gladys, VA 24554
1. On 501 turn onto Long Island Road(761) across the street from the Exxon in Gladys; go 3/4 miles and turn right onto Theta Mill RD; then go about a mile and his farm/home is on the left; bare left in his driveway to get to his shop/studio.
2. On 29 just north of Altavista and across the street from Perky's(699) restaurant take Gladys RD for about 9 miles (it dead ends onto Long Island Rd(761); turn left for about a mile and turn left onto Theta Mill Road (698) about a mile and his farm/home is on the left side; bare left in his driveway to get to his shop/studio.


Nov 9, 2019

Old Dominion Black Smith Association

Established November 2005

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Members that have signed up:

1. Norman McKenzie

2. Lt Skinnell

3. Brain Moore

4. Joshua Moore

5. Mike Johnson

6. Bonnie Johnson

7. Gale Moose

8. Bobby Moose

9. TW Hudson

10. Peggy Hudson

11. Frank Pehrson

12. Brad Lewis

13. Bobby Ricketts

14. Marty Soyars

Our next meeting will be at Robert Minnix, Cedar Rock Forge in Gladys, Va. Carson Sams will be our demonstrator. The meeting will start at 10:00AM and go to Carson finishes he demo. Carson will be finishing the axe he was working on last year, make a damascus billet and something with the billet.The items will be auction off at the end of the day.

Meeting fee is $15.00. Lunch will $7.00. Robert will be making BBQ with all the fixing. If you would like, bring a desert or snack. Please let me know if you will attend and if you are bring something.

John Elliot from Blacksmith Supply will try be there with his treasures. I will let you know as soon as he lets me know. If you would like him to bring something special, let him or me (odbsava@gmail.com) know so he can bring it.