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    November 8, 2018

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Old Dominion Black Smith Association

Established November 2005


Robert Minnix

Gladys, Va.

Carson Sams showed us how he makes a knife from a farriers rasp. He made a Cable Knife, last year and made it look easy. He did the same for the knife.

We had 52 members and guest show up for the meeting, great crowd. The forge area was full. Robert got everyone inside where it was warm.

 We want to thank Robert, family and friends for hosting the meeting and feeding the group. John and Mickey from Blacksmith Supply for bring in the tools. I think everyone had a good time, Carson put on a great demo as always, and pick up all the tool they needed:)


John & Mickey Elliott, were  there with all the tools you need. If there is something special you need, contact John, and he might be able to bring it. (Remember, Christmas is just around the corner)


Rob, Sue & Ben Minnix
2501 Theta Mill RD
Gladys, VA 24554
1. On 501 turn onto Long Island Road(761) across the street from the Exxon in Gladys; go 3/4 miles and turn right onto Theta Mill RD; then go about a mile and his farm/home is on the left; bare left in his driveway to get to his shop/studio.
2. On 29 just north of Altavista and across the street from Perky's(699) restaurant take Gladys RD for about 9 miles (it dead ends onto Long Island Rd(761); turn left for about a mile and turn left onto Theta Mill Road (698) about a mile and his farm/home is on the left side; bare left in his driveway to get to his shop/studio.

Please let me know if plan to attend. We need this for lunch count.


1. Norman McKenzie

2. LT Skinnell

3. Brad Lewis

4. Caleb Sigmon

5. Jay Hatfield

6. David Petty

7. John Henderson

8. David Henshaw *

9. David's Bother (*Guess)

10. Berry Jones

11. Matthew Blevins (?Observer)

12. Marty Soyars

13. Frank Pehrson

14. Mike Johnson

15. Bonnie Johnson

16. Randy Cox

17. Bruce James

18. Wendell Wyland

19. TW Hudson

20. Peggy Hudson

21. Bobby Ricketts

22. Ken Prichett

23. Bill Mauser

24. Chuck Knoll

25. Dave Tucciarone

26. Billy Roy

27. Heather Pehrson (Franks Daughter)

28. Gary Birkett

29. Ryan Fields

30. Ian Gunter

31. John Gilmour (Observer)

32. Tim Lifchfield (Observer)

33. Carl Eborn (New)

34. Adam Spontorelli (Guest)