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   January 16, 2020

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Let me know if you will be there:

1. Bruce James

2. Norman McKenzie ?

3. LT Skinnell

4. Brad Lewis

5. Mike Johnson

6. Bonnie Johnson

7. Randy Cox

8. Bradley Lewis

9. Chad Branch

SunRise Forge
David Tucciarone  
9332 Ward Road
Rustburg, Virginia 24588

1. Coming from the south (Danville, Chatham, Gretna) on route 29 go about 1/2 mile past where route 24 intersects. Sunrise Forge sits off some on the left side and you will need to go past it and turn around because there is no crossover in front of his place (it is across the street from used tractor place). 
2. From Lynchburg go south on route 29 about six miles and then look on right side for his sign (Sunrise Forge). His sign is RED with his Loge on it and look for his yellow mailbox. If you go to Hwy 24 Light, you went to far.

Old Dominion Black Smith Association

Established November 2005


Looks like it will be a nice day. Alex O'Dell will be our demonstrator at Dave's shop. He will be making Andirons and a Hammer the old way with hard faces.


Coffee and snacks will be provided. For lunch, you will need to bring it or go to the local restaurants, Colonial, McDonald's, Bojangles, Subway.

Also, Dave has been cleaning his shop and will have some treasures for sale. I will have a list later.

Sunrise Forge

Rustburg, Va.

  Alex O'Dell


Febuary 8, 2020