Otter Hill Forge
                                           Jerry Darnell

Jerry will make a couple of 1800'th century house items. Jerry is one of the best black smiths making the 1800'th century the way they it in the day.

ODBSA will have the other anvil (150#) and blower on raffle. I will bring the rest of the items from Danny's place to pick through,

LT just let me know that they will provide lunch again this year for free. We want to thank LT and his family for this. It takes a lot of work, not only to prepare  lunch, but just setting up for the meeting. Again, Thanks.

Members that Attended:

1. Norman McKenzie
2. Jerry Darnell
3. Brain Moore
4. Joshua Moore
5. TW Hudson
6. Peggy Hudson
7. Marty Soyars
8. Wendell Wyland
9. Brad Lewis
10. Chuck Knoll
11. Jay Hatfield
12. George Kutchman
13. Bill Mauser
14. Tom Loftus
15. Robbin Davies
16. Jim Brady
17. Randy Cox
18. Bobby Moose
19. Gale Moose
20. Bill Roy
21. Bobby Ricketts
22. David Petty
23. Charlie Hudson
24. Daniel Matherly
25. Kevin Clark
26. Mike Johnson
27. Bonnie Johnson
28. Don Cornell & Wife

Old Dominion Black Smith Association

Established November 2005

All club demo or hands-on meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month.