Cedar Rock Forge
Robert Minnix
Gladys, Va.

The last thing for the day was a Jack in the Pulpit flower form Mark Aspery's book.

Item from Carson's table:

We had 22 members and 7 guest attend the meeting at Rob's. I want to thank Robert and his family for having us at his forge. It was cool outside, but nice and warm inside. The lunch was great as always. Thanks again.

Carson was the demonstrator. The first thing he made was a billet of steel from material they would of used in the old days, scrap. Steel was vary hard to get, so they didn't waste any. So, if they need to make a tool that was bigger than what they had, they forge welded the pieces together. He used about 150 ft. of bailing wire, twisted it togather, to make a steel billet.

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Next, he finished the hatchet, he started last year, form a farriers rasp.