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Pictures of the meeting

Fred Crist Studio

Waynesboro, Va.

Oct 12, 2019

     We had 16 members and guest show up at Fred's. Fred has been working on some fire place tools, so he demonstrated how he made the dies to form the round ends on the handles, some with filed groves an using brass to put a cap on the handle end. 

     The first poker he made, he used the die to form the handle and then chisel cut the spike, drawing it out at 90 deg. instead of bending it over and forge welding it. It made for a nice clean in.

    The next poker, he draw out the end flat, with a slight taper on the handle, then forge a brass piece the fit the end. He made a boss in the center of the brass, that, when folded over the handle end, made a square.

    After lunch, Fred made a sculpture from 1 x 2 mild steel. He said he wanted it to fold around and fit back into itself.

It was hard to visualize the outcome for most of us, or all of us, but as always, it came out just as he said.