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                              Plantation Forge

                               SEPTEMBER 8, 2018
                                                                 Long Island, Va.

Had a good day at Bobby's, Plantation Forge. The weather held out with no rain and wasn't to hot. Had 66 items on the Iron in the Hat, from a cowboy hat, to a bean flip. I want to thank everyone for coming and 

supporting the group. And Sue And Robert for doing the cooking and everyone that brought something. No one went away hungry. We made enough to pay for the insurance and web page for another year. 

Lee Sauder and his HAND and SQUARE corners

This will be our "IRON in the HAT" meeting for 2018. It will be at Bobby Floyd's, Plantation Forge, in Long Island. For directions, look on Schedule of Events 2018.

Demonstrator will be Lee Sauder's, demonstrating square corners and hands.

 I would like everyone that has a forge or access to a forge, to make at least one item for the Iron in the Hat Table. You have over a month. Please send me a picture and I will post it, so everyone can see what will be on the table, save money, and buy tickets:)

For the "IRON IN THE HAT" Everyone will need to bring an item or items worth $10 or more (Hand made forged items preferred) to put on the table and purchase at least $15 worth of tickets ($1 each). The meeting will start at 10:00 AM, but come early, so we can get you signed in. This year, the tickets will be different. When you sign in, your name tag will have a number on it. When you buy tickets, write the number on the tickets. This will save you from having to check the tickets for the numbers. 

LUNCH: Robert Minnix will make The fixings for lunch, World famous Ceder Rock Forge, Pull Pork, Bake Beans and Cold Slaw. There will be a little competition between Rob's Pull Pork Sauce and Lori's World Famous Falling River Forge Sauce. You be the judge. Lunch will $7.

Deserts & Stuff: We need some side dishes and deserts. If you are going to bring something, let me know. I will put the dish beside you name, so everyone will know and want bring to many of one thing. 

This year ODBSA will purchase a single burner, gas forge, from Hell's Forge, They will also be there to talk about their forges and answer any questions. 
Hell's Forge Single Burner
39 attended the meeting Saturday:
1. Bobby Floyd  & Jocelyn HOST
2. LT Skinnell (Candle Holder & Cross)
3. Robert Minnix (Cooks Helper)
4. Sue Minnix (Head Cook)
5. Bradley Lewis.
6. Kenneth Prittchell
7. Randy Cox (2 copper pieces)
8. Bruce James
9. David Petty (Porch Pot Hooks)
10. Norman McKenzie (Horse Shoe Game & LT's angle vise clamp)  (ICE)
11. Lori McKenzie (Broccoli Salad,Jello Poke Cake) (Help at Iron IN The HAT) (ODBSA Glasses & Bucket)    12. TW Hudson
13. Peggy Hudson (10 pounds of potato salad and a couple cakes, one lemon one chocolate.)
14. Barbara Skinnell (Breakfast Stuff) (Help in Kitchen) 
15. Amanda Butler (Help with Iron in the Hat)
16. Robin Davies
17. Tom Loftus
18. William Loftus
19. Brain Loftus
20. Dave Tucciarone (Dog Wood Hook, 2 Hook Racks)
21. Louise Tucciarone (Cookies)
22. Bobby Moose (Cowboy Hat from 1/2 oz. Silver Coin)
23. Gale Moose (Deviled Eggs, Rolls) (Help in Kitchen)
24. Ryan Fields & son.
25. Gary Birkett (Tea & Lemon Aid)
26. Frank Pehrson (Wall Plant Hanger) 
27. Brain Moore (Fruit Bowl)
28. Jay Hatfield (Surprise)
29. Bobby Ricketts (Surprise)
30. Bill Mauser
31. Tom Wenrich (Cold Chisels)  Has 4" leg vises for sale on tail gate.
32. George Kutchman (Sling Shot From Rail Road Spike)
33. Marty Soyar
34. Berry Jones (Ugly Animal, Steel rod 4041)  (Brownies)